Relative advantages of using technology in content areas

Integrating technology into a communications course has many advantages. In general, if designed properly, technology can enhance the curriculum, simplify some aspects of teaching and learning, and create a more personalized learning experience for any student.  Many online resources, if designed appropriately, will supplement the curriculum in any content area. Technology use in the classroom can also support and encourage life skills, digital literacy, and 4C’s; communciation, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

With the use of technology in the classroom, educators have an opportunity to deliver of the content to meet the needs to every student, thus beginning to personalize the learning of all students in any content area. Best practices require teachers to analyze learning styles, the various student abilities, as well as what drives the student to learn to effectively teach every student. Technology can offer differentiation through online programs and flexibility in the pace of their own learning. Many of these programs will give receive immediate feedback, encouraging the students to have relevant and timely information to scaffold their learning, again making their learning personal and meaningful.

With the various types of web 2.0 tools available, students are able to experience things that may not have been available before. Access to knowledge is immediate and so are people. In a communication course, students need examples, people, and opportunities to make connections to become a better communicator.

Technology also offers students choice and voice in their learning whether it is through accessing, engaging, and expressing the knowledge they have learned. Students are collaborating, their creativity is fostered, and their work is published to a larger audience-worldwide. These advantages are probably comparable to any content area in education.

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