Final Blog EDTech 541

Throughout this course, I diligently researched and developed effective classroom activites, infusing technology tools with goal of enhancing teaching and student learning. The weekly texts we read, whether it was the required text or other relevant articles, I formulated a stronger rationale for technology use in the classroom. It is imperative educators embrace technology, get it into the hands of the students daily, so they are productive digitial citizens in the future. Through the weekly assignments, I challenged myself to locate and evaluate communication strategies high school students would need for their careers, but still meet the standards that I needed to address. I became more empowered to allow students to have their own direction in their learning knowing this critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and innovative mindset will be essential. As the course continued, I would strive to keep these components in every lesson. I have also come to the conclusion that teachers do not give our students enough credit for what they can do with technology. I wonder if this is because we, as educators, are still not as comfortable with it, unlike our “digital native” students.

With the knowledge obtained throughout this course, it has solidified my role is still just as critical for our district as it was before. As a current Technology Integration Specialist, I need to continue to research teaching and learning with technology, locate and evaluate various technology tools, and continue to be a support system so teachers become confident with educational technology. This specific course allowed me to dig deeper into evaluating websites and tools, now I can coach my colleagues these strategies.

As far as the work I completed that demonstrates mastery of the AECT standards, most assignments met the requirements of content knowledge and content pedagogy. Assignments required me to create, use, and assess technology use. Each lesson or activity that was developed demonstrates my innate ability to select resources that will support student learning as I am enhancing my teaching strategies in a communications course. Though these lessons are specific for this type of class, each lesson can be modified and used in and content area because communication skills are essential in any curriculum. Having the ability to adapt a lesson to fit the needs of any student and content area is absolutely critical for a Technology Integration Specialist. Lessons were designed to have the students in control and become more responsible of their own learning. Students have choice and voice and builds student agency, creating a 21st Century learner.

In addition to reading and lesson design, we reflected on each week’s focus on our blog. This synthesis process established connections from the content focus was for the week and my current vision and teaching methods. Based on the rubric, I believe I showed proficient content in each of my posts. There was substantial information included in each post that connected to the content and my current teaching practices and vision. I referenced the text or other relevant articles for my posts, though one or two posts may need to have some in text citations. All of my posts were completed in time for others to comment on and I replied to 2 peers every week.

With this said, here is my assessment based on my performance.

Content – 65 points, I can always include more content with connections. Is it ever done?

Readings/Resources – 18 points

Timeliness – 20 points

Responses – 30 points

Total 133/140 points