About Me



My name is Nichole Allmann and I have a degree in Elementary Education. I am currently the Technology and Learning Coach, TLC, at North Springs Elementary School, Columbia, SC. I am in my 4th year as the TLC for my school and I LOVE my job. I coach/train my teachers to infuse technology to enhance their curriculum, co-teach with my colleagues in their classroom, and work on a daily basis with my elementary students.  My passion for education and technology has driven me to pursue my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. Technology is ever changing and I want to be a strong asset for my teachers and students. This learning log will be one strategy that as I learn this reflective showcase tool for myself, I can take this experience and apply it with my teachers and students to build one for themselves. It is an annual conversation at our school, discussing how we can assess student growth in performance tasks and what tool to use with our students to showcase their work. This learning log will allow me to reflect on each artifact; discussing the strengths of my assignments, the challenges I faced, strategies I may use the next time, and etc.