EDTECH 522 Reflection

The technological knowledge I have learned in this course was a couple of new tools that I had not used before. I have never used Moodle to develop a course. I have relied on what our district uses as a platform, normally a Google Site. As a team, we are still trying to determine the best platform for the online course I started in this course. Prior to this course I have not done a screencastify type of video instruction. I had used the Fizz Flipped method for developing tutorials. This was a fantastic process that I will continue to use and model for our teachers too.

The pedagogical knowledge I have learned in this course and probably found most fascinating was learning about the adult learners and how we are different learners. This is true with our students too, but the cultural type of information was intriguing. The process of developing the online course effectively, when I develop upcoming courses I will continue to use the checklist. I like to have a guide to ensure I am drawing my attention to the critical components that I may have forgotten.

This course has given me an opportunity to create multiple artifacts that I will use for work. I encourage educators to use Padlet in their classroom as a quick formative assessment on a topic or as an option to brainstorm with a whole group or small group projects. I use it during my trainings to help promote new technology tools for teachers to use in their classroom. The video I created was used in my online lesson I created. The lesson I created is 1 of 5 modules that my TIS team will use develop our online course for the PAC4 module.


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