Design with Navigation in Mind

Ch. 7 – Design with navigation in mind by Smith

Many of the tips included in this chapter were relatable to me either as a student/participant in a course or the instructor. I have no idea if a professor has used a call I have used a call log in the classroom to document conversations I had with students and parents. It showed a pattern of conversations among certain students, which is critical for documentation for IEPs, 504 and such. This is in a traditional classroom setting. However, I see the value of using it for online courses as well. If there is a pattern in a content, link, or concern that students are contacting a professor for clarification, it shows a need to be addressed. The professor can then fix it at that time, depending on the issue, or create a running list of issues or changes to be made at the end of the course. It is also very important to check all links before the course starts for every semester. This was mentioned in the article and is very accurate. One does not know when a website changes locations or is taken off the web. That management piece if critical.

I have also found benefit to having a FAQ section. One course I just completed last semester had this, recorded the question a student asked, and had the answer with it. I referred to this frequently when I had questions. It can be a participant’s first attempt to locating the answer, before maybe asking a student/class in a “cyber cafe”. The professor, often times, can be the last person to contact. It is similar to being a classroom teacher…ask 3 before me.   


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