ARCS Model of Instructional Design

Development and Use of the ARCS Model of Instructional Design, John M. Keller

I am familiar with the ARCS model from the instructional design course I took last year. There were a couple of points that I took from this article and want to include as I develop my online course. I want to create learning objectives that are motivational to the learners. I returned to my objectives and I see that I can change up the wording to identify behavior and conditions that will apply to the content. Especially with my topic, Digital Citizenship, I need to create some opportunities for internal motivation with the learners, because I can see many educators stating it is not their role to teach or reinforce these skills in their content area. Reflecting on the learning activities I have in mind, I feel the sustained motivation will be there, because they are embedding the digital skills into their own curriculum, not having a separate lesson. I hope that the relevance will help sustain the desire to learn digital citizenship.

As far as confidence, I am aware that the topic is overwhelming for many teachers and there will be a lack of comfort in the beginning. My goal during this course is to promote discussions among peers, so they are more in control of their learning experience and can offer each other that needed guidance, as well as the instructor. I understand to create motivational learning experiences that will stimulate learning the content for the group as a whole. I feel that the videos I have found for each objective will help spark that desire to learn each digital skill.


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