Context Matters

Context Matters: A Description and Typology of the Online Learning Landscape

The authors of this article briefly describes what online learning is and the various components of what a course could look like. Because there are a variety of types of online learning, there is no definite definition or guideline. This can be beneficial for people who are interested in taking a course and can determine what will work best for themselves. However, what the authors have included on page 168 is extremely helpful for beginning instructors, or veteran instructors, designing their online course.

I used the one pager to determine my direction of the modules I want to put together for this course, EDTECH 512. As I was developing the proposal, I am looking at each context for my setup and purpose. The project proposal given by the instructor was helpful, but this one pager allowed me to think in more depth of my own project. Some of the concepts were easier to understand and was able to quickly develop that component. At the point that I do not understand the concept, I was able to go back into the article and get a better description. Until I am more confident with the design process, I will use this in the future. 

One aspect of this article that resonates with me and I read it numerous times, take an online course to gain the experience to better prepare for your own implementation. One can plan accordingly and is better equipped with troubleshooting tips to ensure success for the participants. The authors also discussed that it is becoming more common to have necessary trainings and developments to teach an online course, to ensure the quality of the course is high. Having taught a couple of online modules myself, this is critical because the management, preparation and sustainability of the courses are different than face to face trainings.  


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